The Squirm of Terrorism Movement on Social Media

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The discussion about terrorism is no longer a national issue but has become an essential global discussion. Terrorism has had a broad impact, not only in the political and military fields but also economically, socially and culturally. In the search for identity in modernization and globalization, terrorism is no longer relevant, primarily if it is based on religious motives. The rise of terrorism is most likely, caused by the powerlessness of religion to embrace the challenges and the massive flow of modernization and globalization. Instead of bringing peace and distributing justice, industrialization and globalization have created violence and oppression.

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Radicalism has recently attracted religion, especially Islam, in inevitable situations and conditions from the notion of connectivity between Islam and violence. The Islam that was presented carrying the mission of peace was damaged by acts of terror and radicalism by some individuals claiming to “fight for” Islam. Radicalism has a solid relationship with terrorism, both acts of violence and threats to human life.


Indonesia, which adheres to the principles of democracy, wants freedom of ideology for its people. However, the state has the right to force its citizens to adopt the same ideology nationally. In contrast, every individual has the right to freedom of ideology. So there is a tug of war between personal ideology and communal ideology.

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In Indonesia, the National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT) has a strategic role in educating the public about the dangers of radicalism and terrorism. Meanwhile, the police agency and Densus 88 are the executors of the perpetrators exposed to the ideology of terrorism. During the two periods of President Joko Widodo’s leadership, the issue of radicalism has become the primary concern of national problems to be resolved immediately.

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