Technology and The Influence on Literature

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Technology applications in literature are a good idea with something wrong behind them. There are two impacts of technology, good and bad impact. And that is what people should realize in literature technology. It would be beneficial for us, helping us to find anything according to our job or our task. We don’t have to go to the library to find books because the Internet provides them in digital form. But, we have to know something that sometimes we forget. Because of technology literature, we leave it about social communications, interactions, and the best experience of reading a book directly.

Everybody wants everything to be easy and instant, including in literature. And today, technology helps us make everything easier, faster, and closer. In the past, if we wanted to get information, we used newspapers, magazines or bulletins. Or if we want to read a book, we go to the library to borrow a book or buy it in the bookstore. But today, technology literature has changed it; we don’t have to buy a newspaper or go to the library. We only have to open our smartphones, and everything we need is inside. That makes our time to be more efficient.


Besides that, we can read anything anytime and anywhere. At the bus station, in the office, in the market, in the garden or maybe in the toilet when we poop, we still can get information, news, or entertainment for free. For busy people who have no time to go to the library, technology helps them provide all of the valuable content for their job or activity. And that is a good idea. However, people need something that makes everything goes to be easy and, of course, for free.

But reading in digital form content is very uncomfortable because of ads. We have to pay to get free content in digital form. We don’t have to pay it with money, but we pay it with annoying ads that we see anywhere in the content. We still find ads in the newspaper, but it doesn’t necessarily disturb us because they locate in a separate section, apart from the content.

Modern technology has changed the way we perceive, interpret, and even produce literature by providing the ability for everyone to write through blogs, social networks, and website reviews. Technology has and will continue to influence literature in many different ways.

Furthermore, technology literature makes us highly dependent on our smartphones, internet data, and signals. So, technology literature is necessary and beneficial for us, which is what we need. But, when it makes us dependable, it would be a problem. For example, when we are looking for content, or material to do our task, sometimes we don’t get the substance, and maybe the material is not valid. Because the Internet is full of dummies, invalid data, misconceptions, misinformation etc., therefore we must balance technology literature and conventional literature.

Nothing will change the best experience in reading directly. A newspaper, book, or magazine will be great to read in conventional form. Technology literature is the second choice when we can’t go to the library or buy a newspaper. Besides that, technology literature will reduce our interactions somewhere or sometimes. At the same time, we need other people’s opinions and other people’s insight to prove our knowledge and can practice it in our life. So we do need to communicate with other people in discussing a problem.

Technology literature has two impacts: good impact in easy get information and knowledge and efficiency of time and place, and harmful impact in making us dependable on smartphones or gadgets, reducing social interactions, and maybe building our thinking order to be the lazy and free mentality.

However, technology literature is beneficial, but we need to maintain and balance it with the conventional because both of them complete each other.


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