Promoting Gus Dur’s Ideas Together with the Gusdurian Initiative Class

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I use the term ‘promoting’ in the title above not without reason. From my observation, many Indonesian thinkers have, for a long time, only stopped at the level of ideas after the passing of the thinker.

The continuity of an idea is far more important than mere abstract ideas. Therefore, the term ‘promoting’ is an apt expression to bridge the gap between ideas and practical implementation.


According to the KBBI (Indonesian dictionary), the word ‘promoting’ means to instill and popularize, derived from the root word ‘earth’. However, the root word alone doesn’t explain much because fundamentally, ‘promoting’ is a metaphorical or homonymous term.

Hence, I believe that Gus Dur’s ideas need to be brought into the real world and integrated into everyday life. I am convinced that not many people in society are aware of or understand Gus Dur’s ideas, except for his admirers, enthusiasts, or those who have studied his life.

Gusdurian Yogyakarta organized the Gusdurian Initiative Class on October 27-29, 2023, and it will continue for the next two months. This class serves as a platform to instill and internalize the values, thoughts, and exemplary qualities of Gus Dur, especially regarding Indonesian identity (religion, democracy, and culture).

The outcome of this initiative is to nurture individuals with a Gus Dur perspective and mindset. The event was attended by 40 selected participants, mainly students residing in Yogyakarta.

The Gusdurian Initiative Class covers a wide range of topics, with a particular focus on the nine values advocated by Gus Dur. Firstly, participants are taught soft skills, including active listening, which entails listening to others without providing intervention, judgment, or immediate response.

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