Pesantren and Shifting the Value of Haflatul Imtihan

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A festive is usually held in pesantren at the end of the school year (akhirus sanah). This celebration is commonly referred to as haflatul imtihanHaflatul imtihan is the moment most awaited by the santri because, in addition to the festival, which is often served lively, the graduation determination of the santri comes out.

Initially, the haflatul imtihan event was packaged and aimed at celebrating the graduation of santri and the end of the school year, commemorating the founders of the pesantren, alums gatherings, and gatherings between santri, guardians of santri, Kiai, community leaders, and the public. Therefore, the festive packaging was framed as attractively as possible; no doubt the santri was looking forward to the moment.


One week before the event or even more than that, competitions are held as entertainment. Starting from the smell of sports, arts, culture, academics, and others, with the themes of Islamic boarding school, Indonesians, and Islam. This has proven to be effective in making memorized packaging much more attractive than just a ceremonial event that tends to be monotonous.

Not only that, but art performances also contribute as performers. In my village and its surroundings, it’s expected that the pesantren holding a haflatul imtihan have a carnival, costume parade, fragmentation, or at least a torch parade to complement the atmosphere. This also attracts the attention of the surrounding community to participate in revitalizing the haflatul imtihan that will be held. In addition, kindergarten (TK) children’s dance performances also interest the community’s hearts.

However, far from being roasted, recently, haflatul imtihan has not been appropriately placed. Existence—some—even out of the original rail. The packaging shown also tends to violate the noble values ​​of Islamic boarding schools. A contradiction is even considered a natural thing or commonplace in certain societies.

These realities can be seen in recent years. Appearances that do not at all characterize the values ​​of the pesantren are displayed with great confidence. Obviously, this lewd act could undermine the image of the pesantren in society.

I have caught these events (indecent appearance) directly or indirectly. However, in my opinion, an event that can still be tolerated is when the haflatul imtihan celebration is made as a venue for performances and competition in a hedon society. Some time ago, I had a conversation with my uncle, who lives with a family on an island.

On this island (without mentioning the name), the hedon culture between people is very dense. They even compete in terms of the economy and show off against each other. The spread of prestige is challenging to let go of, even during the haflatul imtihan celebration.

At a madrasa on the island where my uncle lives, every time there is a haflah (carnival) celebration, the parents of santri compete to make up their children to look the best among the others. According to my uncle, the disbursed costs are not small since they can be up to tens or even hundreds of millions. An amount that may not be too big for them compared to having to kneel in prestige. Usually, they will invite their own rental horses, complete with their drum band and saronen. So it’s certainly not cheap at all.

The most annoying reality I found in several videos circulating was that the haflatul imtihan event, which was supposed to be solemn with recitations and warm friendships, was instead contaminated with singers who performed complete with saweran from the audience. Of course, I’m not talking about the singer or the singer, but the problem is the setting and the atmosphere in the singers’ performances.

One of the NU Branch Representative Councils (MWC) in Sumenep has at least issued a fatwa through the results of the Bahtsul Masail held. As most Nahdliyin residents know, Bahtsul Masail within NU has focused on formulating laws for the problems that have recently emerged, including punishing the saweran.

Reporting from NU Online Sumenep, Bahtsul Masail was carried out by MWC NU, Guluk-guluk District, with the problem formulation, saweran. As the result of the decision that was determined, the legal conclusion from the legal discussion process was that it was unlawful for the performance of female singers and singers. Moreover, this was done at the memorizing event.

Several books and opinions of scholars are used as evidence in the decision, including the books of I’anah TalibanIs’adur Rafiq, Madzahibul Arba’, and al-Fatawa al-Fiqhiyyah al-Kubra. One of the arguments used to decide the problem is taken from the book al-Fatawa al-Fiqhiyyah al-Kubra juz 1 page 199;

اما النساء امام لا ل لهن انه ام

As for a woman who dances in front of a person who is not lawful for her (read: not her muhrim), then it is unlawful.

This opinion or decision —on several social media pages — is still reaping the pros and cons of the law that was issued. Some netizens even argued that this issue is returned to the community, depending on their beliefs. According to some people, there is something more worthy of discussion than the problem of female and female singers and requires an actual legal product.

Apart from such contradictions (differences of opinion regarding the legal context), female singers who appear at the haflatul imtihan event cannot be justified in a civilized manner. Haflatul imtihan, the hallmark of the celebration of pesantren, should remain in line with the breath of the existing pesantren, not to be damaged by performances and traditions that are inappropriate to be held. Wallahu a’lam…

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