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“Gus”, a Pesantren Novels by Dian Nafi

Author: Dian Nafi
Publisher: Kakilangit Kencana
Published: December 2014
Content: 198 pages

In the last few months, the pesantren novels are being lively discussed. Starting from the novel “Hati Suhita” by Khilma Anis, which is sold more than ten thousands copies of the book without major publishers or major bookstores, then the novel “Two Barista” by Najhaty Sharma, which also becomes best seller, and it also followed by novel “Hilda” by Muyassaroh Hafidzoh and Novel “DUR” by Nisaul Kamilah.

Cak Tarno

It is interesting to see how new writers are born with their various works. Of course, Khilma Anis cannot be included in the new writers category because her writing career began many years ago since she wrote Novel “Jadilah Purnamaku Ning” published by Matapena in 2008.

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