The Quran and the Challenges of the Future

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As a guide for humanity, the holy book of the Quran is expected to remain relevant to the changing times (shalih lii kulli zaman wa makan). Its teachings, which contain principles, are believed to offer answers to every issue and challenge that humanity may face, both in the present and in the future.

Since its revelation, the Quran has declared itself a book with progressive views on human issues. Commands to free slaves, restrictions on marrying more than four wives, the emphasis on honoring orphans, defending the oppressed, and more, are evidence that the Quran is a progressive book. These views were later embraced by Western societies in later years.


Because the Islamic community adheres to the Quran, it became the victor of its time, as stated by Robert N Bellah:

“There is no question but that under muhammad, Arabian society made a remarkable leap forward in social complexity and political capacity. When the structure that took shape under the prophet was extended by the early caliphs to provide the organizing principle for a world empire, the results is something that for its time and place is remarkably modern. It is modern in the high degree of commitment, involvement, and participation expected from the rank and file members of the community. It is a modern the openness of its leadership positions to ability judged on universalistic grounds and symbolized in the attempt to institutionalize a non-hereditary top leadership. Even the earliest times certain restrains operated to keep the community from wholly exemplifying these principles, but it do so closely enough to provide a better model for modern national community building than might be imagined,”

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