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The End of Hyperreality

Firstly, Let me say that actually “New Normal” is merely back to Normal. It means that Our Yesterday’s life was just abnormal

Secondly, I would like explain what hyperreality really is?

Cak Tarno

For instance, one day you buy a glass of coffee at your favourite coffee shop for 40 thousand Rupiahs, why on earth a glass of coffee is so expensive?

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Supposed, the basic price of coffee is at 7 thousand Rupiahs, it menas that you have to spend the remaining 33 thousand Rupiahs as the price of the rental sofa of the outlet and the coffee shop’s symbol. Your 33 thousand rupiahs called hyperreality, a condition or a mental state in that make us think that how we spen our 33 thousands was something real and our need was beyond our own basic needs.

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