The End of Hyperreality

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Firstly, Let me say that actually “New Normal” is merely back to Normal. It means that Our Yesterday’s life was just abnormal.

Secondly, I would like to explain what hyperreality is?


For instance, one day, you buy a glass of coffee at your favourite coffee shop for 40 thousand Rupiahs; why is a sip of coffee on earth so expensive?

Supposedly, the coffee’s introductory price is at 7 thousand Rupiahs, which means that you have to spend the remaining 33 thousand Rupiahs on the cost of the rental sofa of the outlet and the coffee shop’s symbol. Your 33 thousand rupiahs are called hyperreality, a condition or a mental state that make us think that how we spent our 33 thousand was something real and our need was beyond our own basic needs.

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(FYI, Hyperreality is a term introduced by the French philosopher, Jean Baudrillard in his book Simulacra, 1981)

We would never see the word hyperreality such a tremendous if we had not found this word on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media.

Abruptly, the Covid-19 emerged. Suddenly, we are afraid to go out of the house, are so scared to gather in a crowd, and our outdoor activities become limited. Workers worldwide found that their income significantly disappeared almost overnight due to the coronavirus pandemic, and most of our time is spent at home now. Everything is doing from home now. So then, how is the luck hyperrealistic now? (Hyperealista, this is how I called the hyperrealist).

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