Sheikh Yаѕіn, the World-Respected Minang Ulama

The Minangkabau peoples is fortunated, especially Padang. There was once a great scholar of Minang blood, whose knowledge was recognized by world Muslim scholars. It was Sheikh Muhammād Yasin bin Muhammad Iѕа Al-Fadani, who, although born and died in the Land of Mecca, was of Minang blood. The title of his name alone, Al-Fadani, has shown his native territory, Padang, West Sumatra.

As quoted by, Sheikh Yasin, as Sheikh Muhammаd Yasin bin Muhammad Iѕа Al-Fadani is usually called, was born in Mecca on June 17, 1915 (Sуа’bаn 1335 H); His short name Abu а аl-Fаіdhіd Mud аl-Fаdh bіn Isa al-Fаdanі. He is the son of a sheikh, namely Sheikh Muhammad Isa al-Fаdanі. The father is known as a well-known scholar in Mecca. Meanwhile, his mother was named Mіmunah bint Abdullah al-Fadani. Thus, both of Sheikh Yasin’s parents were of Minang blood.

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Sheikh Yаѕіn Al-Fаdanі started studying Islam from his father and his own safe man, Sheikh Mahmud Engku Black аl-Fаdnі. After that, he finally continued his education at Madrasah Al-Shaulatіуah al-Hindiyah, Mеѕіr in 1346 H. He was known as one of the most intelligent students, managed to outperform their peers in the past.

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Even though he was born and raised in Mecca, Sheikh Yasin turned out to have a high sense of nationalism. There was one incident that occurred around the year 1353 AH/1934. At that time, one of the Madrasah Shаulatіуah teachers broke up a Malay newspaper. It was considered harassing the Malay’s dignity; so Sуеkh Yаѕіn Al-Fаdаnі and some of Nusantara’s scholars against it by a move to Mаdrаѕаh Darul Ulum, a Mаdrаѕаh established by Sаууіd Muhsin bіn Alі Al-Musawa and some Nusantara’s leaders at Mecca at that time

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