Gus Baha, Indonesia’s Lice of Knowledge

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Gus Baha is a famous Indonesian cleric. His full name is KH Bahauddin Nursalim; Gus Baha was born in Rembang on September 29, 1970. Gus Baha is also one of the promoters and experts in interpretation in Indonesia. It can be said that Gus Baha is a louse of the Qur’an in the archipelago because of his urgent existence in Indonesian interpretation and the study of the Qur’an. Gus Baha is also the son of the caretaker of the Al-Qur’an boarding school in Narukan, KH Nursalim.

In his struggle as a thalibul ‘ilm (seeker of knowledge), Gus Baha is known to be tenacious and has intelligence. How not, at a very young age, Gus Baha has at least completed thirty juz of the Qur’an with the consistency of makharijul letters and tajwid. Because, in reading and completing the Qur’an, Gus Baha took it with very strict makharij and tajwid. Remember again, Gus Baha went through it at a very young age.


As a teenager, Gus Baha chose Al-Anwar Islamic Boarding School, Sarang, Rembang, Central Java, as the next choice in his odyssey as a seeker of knowledge. Here, his tenacity and intelligence—which I have mentioned before—seem so contrasting. This is evident from Gus Baha’s ability to memorize Sahih Muslim entirety, including its matan and sanad. Unmitigated and not only there, but nahu grammar is also studied, such as Alfiyah Ibn Malik and ‘Imrithi.

Gus Baha is also close to Allahumma ighfir lahu Syaikhina Maimoen Zubair, one of Indonesia’s most charismatic and well-known clerics. In a narration, Gus Baha has always been a friend to talk to Syaikhona Maimoen. On several occasions, Syaikhona Maimoen, commonly known as Mbah Moen, trusted Gus Baha as a seeker of ta’bir regarding a legal problem.

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