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Many say that literacy is critical to realizing a nation’s civilization. We can see how the Islamic civilization was in the Abbasid era when Muslims became the centre of knowledge. Various works of Muslim scientists are used as references by Europeans. The library that stores various Islamic books is made magnificent and named Baitul Hikmah.

This shows how extraordinary the literacy quality of society at that time was. For this reason, so that civilization can repeat itself, literacy activities must not stop. On the contrary, literacy activities must be maintained and passed on to future generations.


Unfortunately, the Indonesian people still have not managed to get out of their problems in terms of literacy. This prosperous country has not yet reached the top of its literacy level. Based on a survey conducted by the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) released by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in 2019. “Indonesia’s literacy rate in the 70 countries studied was 62. The report shows how low literacy levels are homeland. Therefore, it is necessary to take appropriate steps to improve this condition.

Reported on the educenter.id site, the low literacy culture in Indonesia is caused by the reading movement not starting from home, little access to reading, lack of motivation to read, and laziness to develop ideas from reading results.

The presence of duniasantri.co should be able to cover these various causes. Because duniasantri.co offers a variety of writings that can be easily accessed. This motivates someone to read every published article, especially the students. And, one more thing to encourage readers to develop their ideas through writing moreover, the writings produced will later get money if they are successfully published on the pages of various writing rubrics. It’s a pleasure, isn’t it?

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