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“Atlas Wali Songo” and Historical Facts of Wali Songo

Islam with all its aspects successfully brighten and became the torch of civilization. Islam which we understand, despite the doctrine, akidah and syariat, could also mean as social regulation, a beacon of civilization, treasure of knowledge and culture. Islam presence in the worldwide society has a great archaeology-theology history relies on local culture. Moreover, Islam development and dakwah has a great interesting pattern and strategy, which was the key to the successful spread of Islam in Indonesia.

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In this article, I want to discuss a little bit about the legendary well-known book in the nahdliyin society. This book successfully became the fundamental resource for Nahdlatul Ulama society for studying, learning, analyzing, and searching authentic data about the history of the prominent Kanjeng Sunan. Inevitably, this book has successfully drowned its reader onto the content since the data provided were collected from a huge number of resources so the objectivity is unquestionably strong and – moreover – is became a reference for all level of society.

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