A Disturbing Nurse from The Past

My sleepy eyes stare at the slow dripping IV. I am laying my head next to my mother’s body which is so weak. Since a moment ago, I have closed my eyes. But anxiety and worry over my mother’s deteriorating health make me unable to sleep.

I looked again at the tube, and soon it is needed to be replaced. Drop by drop doesn’t escape my attention. Finally, the nurse asked me to notify her if she ran out immediately.

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Then I mustn’t sleep. I force my eyes to open widely. Seconds after seconds have passed, and the is not over yet. And then the dizziness begins to seep into my head. Drowsiness also follows my eyes.
“How it can be, Sir. I had told you to report immediately if the fluids run out; you’re sleeping instead!” the nurse screams.

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The noise of a nurse breaks my sleepiness. I oversleep. I see the nurse run out. My body suddenly becomes aware of my forgetfulness. It’s true what she says. I see it is empty and wrinkles. The drops have stopped. I stand over, check mom’s condition. My chest is beating anxiously. Thankfully, I see my mother’s eyes are still opened with the occasional blink of the eyes. But she does not answer my call. I open the mask. Her lips have turned bluish. And suddenly, the door creaks. The nurse reenters with a new tube.


“Sorry, I oversleep, Miss,” I say regretfully.

The nurse catches a glimpse of me. “You should apologize to mommy, Sir. Your mother, I mean. Not mine,” the woman grumbles again.

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