The Significance of Multicultural Education in Pesantren

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Pesantren, as traditional Islamic educational institutions in Indonesia, play a crucial role in shaping the character of students (santri). The robust tradition of these boarding schools has been instrumental in preserving the values of Islam’s religion and culture.

However, in the era of globalization and technological advancement, it is imperative for boarding schools to also embrace multicultural education. Multicultural education in Pesantren is a concept that promotes the appreciation of cultural, religious, and ethnic diversity, thereby nurturing students who are more tolerant, open-minded, and prepared to face an increasingly diverse world.


Multicultural education in Pesantren offers students the opportunity to comprehend and respect the cultural and religious diversity present in society. This is particularly important as Indonesia is a nation rich in cultural and religious diversity. Through multicultural education, students can learn about various traditions, customs, and religions prevalent in their surroundings, helping to mitigate stereotypes and prejudices against other groups.

The presence of multicultural education in Pesantren also contributes to enhancing tolerance among individuals. Students are taught to respect the beliefs and values of others without necessarily agreeing with them. This fosters an inclusive and welcoming environment within the boarding school, irrespective of cultural or religious backgrounds. Consequently, students become better equipped to contribute to social peace and interfaith harmony within society.

Furthermore, multicultural education can prepare students for an increasingly globalized world. In this era of globalization, the ability to interact with individuals from diverse cultures and religious backgrounds is of paramount importance. Students who possess a sound understanding of multiculturalism will be better prepared to participate in the international arena, be it in the context of business, education, or international relations.

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