Santri Literacy in Media Evolution

Along with the advancement of digital information technology, the implementation of education in Indonesia is inevitably biased by the presence of information media in the community. This is because the media also plays a vital role in determining people’s minds; by controlling the flow of information circulating, people are also affected by the media.

This trend makes the media and mass media owners have control over information and people’s thoughts. But, unfortunately, few of the public are aware of the media’s control over the mind.

Semarak Literasi duniasantri

Postman (2005) once alluded to the same thing: “What is peculiar about such interposition of media is that their role in directing what will see or know is so rarely noticed”. The media direct us to the information they want, and, unfortunately, the public rarely realizes this.

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This control is harmful to educational activities. Because, with their superiority, the media and their owners can control what people think. So, are people not enlightened by the press? The answer can be both yes and no. The existence of media is the same as other technologies, such as a coin with two sides. Media brings good influence also brings threats. The influence of the media also grows as the media evolves.

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The evolution of the media is very influential on the information distribution system. For example, the existence of print media in the past brought significant changes in terms of news and education. As a result of the presence of the print media, the writing culture developed quite rapidly. However, as the writing culture grew, the oral culture slowly faded away.

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