Santri, Achievement, and Religiosity

What is Indonesian History, lesson taught its scholar in general is how our prestigious nation can be “freed” from colonization bondages. The lesson captured how impassioned is our predecessors to fight for the sake of our nation freedom. But there is one huge mistake that the common syllabus of National History taught. Which is the fact how “santri” word seems to be super excluded, not mentioned in so many spots it should have, inside the history.

This is clearly, in my point of view, leading to a huge misunderstanding on Indonesia history. Since factually, as I will provide evidences soon enough, most of the big Indonesia history figures, who participated enormously through their effort on Indonesia freedom, is the Ulama, who essentially is a santri.

Cak Tarno

Back to the ages before the ethical politics being well-known as ‘the pioneer of indonesia resurgence’, since there are so many education foundation built as the ethical politics idea start to mushrooming, such as HIS (Hollandsch Indlandsche School), MULO (Meer Uitgebreid Lagare Onderwijs), AMS (Algemeene Middlebare School), Kweek School.

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The Islamic education has developed well, as the existence of Pesantren has given nusantara a center of culture and education development that is super competitive to the quality given by Indische’s school in general. Something to be noted is the Indonesian History syllabus has never, extremely rare, mention the existence of pesantren and its contribution to the nation freedom in the past.

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Well, there are more of it. The glorious battle of Surabaya as example, the syllabus mentioned bold enough how civilians contribute meaningful participations to the battle. But well excluded the fact that the Jihad Resolution wrotten by Hadratus Syeikh KH Hasyim Asya’ari, a well-known national hero who is considered as  santri and ulama leader at that moment, 18 days before the war begins is the reason, the trigger, behind why the civilians are even willing to participate at the war in the first place.

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