Political Navigation for the Muslim Community

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In the realm of politics, the Muslim community is often likened to passengers on a ship sailing on open seas, lacking stars as guidance, devoid of a compass to determine direction, and without a comprehensive understanding of the true destination.

At times, the Muslim community may seem ensnared within the uncertain political tides, yielding to the direction set by their leaders, without considering the consequences for the many who follow in their wake.


This raises questions about the necessity of establishing clear political principles so that the Muslim community can be liberated from the influence of a leader’s personal temperament. Indeed, a leader should adhere to political principles, rather than the reverse, and ensure that the interests of the community take precedence.

In the complex and tumultuous world of politics, having a robust set of political principles is imperative. Without clear guidelines, the Muslim community can find itself in situations where their leaders make decisions based on personal desires or for the benefit of certain groups, disregarding the common good. Political principles rooted in fundamental Islamic values are a crucial foundation for guiding the political actions of the Muslim community.

The Principle of Justice

One of the most fundamental values in Islam is justice. Justice should be the primary principle governing every political guideline within the Muslim community. This means that every policy or political action should be assessed in terms of how justly they serve all members of society, irrespective of race, religion, or social background.

Political principles based on justice will ensure that the Muslim community not only looks out for their own interests or those of their group but also respects the rights of individuals and other groups in society. This is a vital step in avoiding social conflicts and injustices that could jeopardize political stability.

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