Me and My Pesantren (5): Nyantri, then Served

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Since becoming a student until serving at the Miftahul Huda Sumenep Islamic Boarding School, it has been a blessing in itself for me. Personally, I can develop interests and skills in any life because of the principles developed by the pesantren.

I felt this when I studied at the Miftahul Huda Islamic Boarding School, starting from MI (Madrasah Ibtidaiyah) to graduating MA (Madrasah Aliyah) in 2014. This boarding school is located in Pangabasen Hamlet, Gapura Timur, Gapura District, Sumenep Regency, Madura, East Java.


I feel that the rules applied in the pesantren led me to the values ​​of religiosity, adab, tawadhu, and solidarity with each other while at the pesantren, and above all, independence itself.

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Substantial differences in the rules of pesantren life are often encountered in Indonesia, both in terms of morals, ethics, and aesthetics. But, nevertheless, I have always believed one hundred per cent that life in this pesantren is a wealth for the santri that must be preserved. So then, what often looks different in the life of the pesantren is that the Kiai are always sincere, the Kiai of the pesantren are very thorough in educating the students, the Kiai are full of patience in providing actual stimulus to the students.

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These rules and learning styles appear in Islamic boarding schools so that most students can only apply expressivity while living in Islamic boarding schools and then develop them in the community.

Another thing that becomes its own wealth for santri is the scientific community of Islamic boarding school Kiai, which is actually more directed to things of virtue. Because what is clear is that one Kiai and another Kiai are never separated in one line fixed brackets.

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