Mbah Arwani, Promoter of Qiraat Sab’ah in Indonesia

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One of the great scholars, pious, and amil in Indonesia, especially in the field of Al-Quran and qiraat, is KH Muhammad Arwani Amin, better known as Mbah Arwani Kudus. So in a way, Mbah Arwani Kudus is a promoter in the Koran and the study (learning) of qiraat sab’ah in Indonesia.

Although it cannot be denied, long before, the Koran and the study of qiraat sab’ah already existed in Indonesia, one of which was in Tebuireng, Jombang and al Munawwir, Yogyakarta. However, Mbah Arwani had a significant contribution in grounding qiraat sab’ah among the wider community. Including, in the past four decades, his works and examples have influenced the learning of qiraat sab’ah in Indonesia.


Mbah Arwani’s journey to becoming a great scholar in the field of qiraat sab’ah was not easy and smooth. His nyantri journey to gain knowledge is so long. Mbah Arwani himself studied from one Islamic boarding school to another, which, if mapped, covers three provinces, namely Central Java, East Java, and Yogyakarta.

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In the process of boarding, Mbah Arwani himself is an intelligent student. Mbah Arwani’s intelligence has at least been inherent since childhood. One of them is inseparable from the riyadhah of his parents. When Mbah Arwani was in the womb, her parents often finished reading the Quran even though they didn’t memorize it (hafiz).

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