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The internet has already become the primary need of modern society. The distribution of information can be easily obtained even though there is a risk of lack of credibility of literacy. As a result, the source of conflict is often triggered by stuttering to receive information from digital media.

Because of this, there is a negative perception of the media as a source of hoaxes, expertise limitation, and manipulating data and information for specific motives. As a result, people who are not from academic circles (technological stuttering) are forced to consume news that has the potential to cause massive conflict.


The media’s homework is to restore a journalistic image with appropriate information capabilities for public consumption. Let’s put aside fanaticism and hatred towards opposing groups or individuals. Journalism must re-apply the principle of covering both sides as a way to resolve conflicts with an objective point of view.

The media must have a sense of responsibility to educate the public by prioritizing good journalistic values. For example, don’t just quote without an apparent reference and search for news sources. In fact, opinions must contain good writing rules without the tendency to demean particular objects or parties without being accompanied by valid sources of information.

We must address our appreciation to the media editor, who is responsible for the quality of the work before it becomes public information. Editors are not only concerned with justifying word diction according to PUEBI but there are values ​​held by the media so that it continues to run according to the media’s vision and mission. In addition, editors must also understand journalistic ethics, which have the potential to be hoaxes and create broader conflicts.

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