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It has been more than a year since I joined the duniasantri.co website, becoming a part of the author or contributor. During that time, I began to become a more confident writer. Be confident in your own writing and your writing skills. Confidence can be a writer who provides benefits to many people, especially to readers.

Currently, santri has a broader dimension. This means that it is not only stagnant in one science, namely religion. Although some Islamic boarding schools seem to adhere to a dichotomy system, most have started to be confident in entering other disciplines, such as general science. Santri, initially seen as old-fashioned santri, began to prove their existence.


Therefore, students who may now be experts in various fields must also be able to compete in the public sphere. The knowledge that has been and is being studied can undoubtedly be applied in everyday life, at least delivered in various forms, either orally or in writing. This can also be an effort for students to introduce themselves to the public sphere and save the public from knowledge and understanding that is still unclear.

One way to express it all is by writing. The existence of santri will dominate with the writings that are created. Because, in addition to being immortal (as Pramoedya Ananta Toer once said), in the current condition, writing is also a weapon that can be used to dispel various unclear arguments (of course, by using more convincing data and references), especially in the media. Social.

The Duniasantri.co website has at least answered all of these questions. With the duniasantri.co website, students can get valuable opportunities. In addition, the majority of contributors from the santri circle can have a place to express all forms of thoughts and feelings through several genres, such as opinions, poetry, short stories, and humour.

Of course, this is tremendous support for the students’ critical reasoning, which should be presented through writing. But, at the same time, with the media that hopefully will continue to reach the peak of this career, students from across cities, islands, and even from different ethnic groups, cultures, and languages ​​can be connected here. That is, in this media, the opportunity that is obtained is not only an opportunity to write but also can increase relationships with various writers who already have high flying hours. These writers have created good books, writers who are well known through their works, and writers other greats who came from various regions in the archipelago.

At least some things can be obtained and felt when part of this media. First, it can reveal existence. The existence of the santri and the euphoria of the pesantren at this time is a necessity. Santri is no longer considered an old-fashioned person who has scientific limitations. More than that, it seems that santri is also one of the elements supporting change, especially in science and education.

With duniasantri media, students can be more active in expressing themselves with their respective expressions in the world of writing. This media is also spearheaded by the majority, even almost all members with a background in Islamic boarding schools or Pesantren. So, in this way, the santri will exist even more with their new arguments. This media never neglects the new members that keep popping up, from the first tens to hundreds or even thousands. Remember again, the entire editorial team and almost all of its members are students.

Second, become a critical media that can eradicate pests or unclear issues. Some of the damage to thinking at this time, one of the plays, can come from the media, posts, and writings that are unclear. It is not clear the truth and the source, and it is not clear what references are used. Thus, the public needs special media to be able to clarify all the issues that occur.

Responding to this, several media that are moderate, critical, and have transparent sources are present in society, you name it; NU Online (the most popular Islamic media in Indonesia), Iqra.id, Alif.id, and many more. And duniasantri.co later became part of these moderate media. None other, one of the efforts is to save the public from an incorrect understanding.

Third, a media that is loyal to the writer’s pocket. One year as a writer in the media duniasantri.co is a joy. I can instantly enjoy my status as a student, santri, and freelance writer. This media is very loyal to its authors. How come? One piece of successfully published writing was rewarded with a commensurate fee and even more than enough.

Tell me a little; until now (within a year), the results of the honorarium that I get are not small. I can buy the Syarah Rawaiul Bayan book or even the Lisanul Arabiy book, which is famous for being expensive among santri. Even then, there is still some changes left. Cool, isn’t it? Wassalam

Note: translated by editor from duniasantri.co, Ikhtiar Mengenalkan Eksistensi Santri – Dunia Santri.


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