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Over and over again, there are warnings about the terror of the state and the situation of the end times. A tactic for mass recruitment of pilgrims. They are threatened with post-death punishment and luring pleasure in righteousness. Modernity brings people to the dream of progress and prosperity. However, modernity has not been able to answer future historical problems and religious challenges.

The digitalization of life forces people to give their time and thoughts to social media. Regarding economic income, fulfilling the latest information, political issues, and spiritual needs depend on the communication media system. Then it is used as an articulative means for someone to express himself, up to the surge of da’wah to market ideology to a broader market.


Da’wah contestation is not only about ideology but also about popularity and economic motives. The flood of information should be grateful for as a necessity of technological progress; on the contrary, it becomes anxiety when the media becomes the object of the loss of information expertise and intellectuality. People are fed hoaxes that easily ignite emotions and tend to sharpen conflict to anarchism behaviour.

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There is no ideal standard of da’wah value for public consumption. The more real divisions occur when religion is increasingly fragmented. The media is the cause of the gap in the appearance of formality and the quality of da’wah. Plus, the fanaticism of the people who are low in literacy and lazy to think contextually. As a result, politics can easily manipulate religion to get votes in elections. Identity politics in the past few years is concrete evidence of the stuttering of people who are not ready for the rapid advancement of digital technology.

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