Abah Anom Break The Captain’s Arrogance

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Who does not know this quirky wali figure? His name is already famous throughout the archipelago; he is familiarly called Abah Anom. Abah Anom himself in Sundanese means ”Young Kiai”. However, Abah Anom’s real name is KH. Ahmad Sohibul Wafa Tajul Arifin. Abah Anom was born in Suralaya village, Pagerageung, Tasikmalaya on January 1, 1915 AD from the couple Sheikh Abdullah Mubarok bin Nur Muhammad with Nyai Hajjah Juhariyah. From this, we can see that Abah Anom grew up in a family of scholars; in him flows the blood of scholars.

Abah Anom got his first education from his own father, Sheikh Abdullah, Abah Sepuh. Under the guidance of his father, Abah Anom was first taught the basic sciences of religion such as fiqh, morals, recitation, nahwu sharaf and others. The formal education taken by Abah Anom is Elementary School in Ciamis. Then after graduating from elementary school, he continued his secondary school education in Ciawi Tasikmalaya. After completing his formal education, his father asked him to continue his education at a boarding school. Later, he would replace his father as the caretaker of the Suralaya pesantren. Finally, in 1930 he studied at several pesantrens in West Java.


At first Abah Anom studied at the Cicariang pesantren, Cianjur. Then after he felt enough, he finally left and studied in another place for approximately two years, namely at the Jambudwipa Islamic Boarding School, Cianjur. Then after two years, he said goodbye to stay again at the Gentur pesantren in Cianjur under the care of Ajengan Syatibi. Thus, after two years, the young Abah Anom left the Gentur pesantren. He entered the Cireungas pesantren, Sukabumi. In this pesantren, Abah Anom matured his knowledge not only about Islam but also martial arts.

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