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A Dumb Who Loves Reading al-Quran

Around five houses away from my home, there is a dumb who often makes me feel slapped. If we look at his body, he looks like other Javanese people, neither big nor small, his body looks proportional.

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His age maybe around 45 years old. But the harshness of life has carved some permanent facial wrinkle on his face, he looks older than his age. Uh, just call him Pak Warsa. He is the father of two children.

Cak Tarno

Mr. Warsa has a very high spirit. Imagine his spirit like a lick of fire that continues to dance. Popping around here and there. Despite his limitations on speaking, he still shows anaesthetizing energy within his soul.

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People in my hometown often laugh at Pak Warsa’s behaviour, especially when watching him trying to tell a story. But I know deep on their heart, my neighbour admires Pak Warsa. He is the only person who always loves to put up the flag when August comes.

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