Shall Imagination Revive in Muslim’s Life?

“What kind of trumpet that Israfil will blow? Would be the French-Horn? A Saxophone? A Trombone? Or an animal horn-made fanfare?” said another friend of mine from Ushuluddin, responding to that biological question. But, he continued, “I think it is important to ask what Israfil’s instrument is because it sums up the cultural affiliation of the Regime of God.”

Reflecting on SpaceX achievement on Mars exploration and considering the super-billionaires dream about making human inter-planetary creatures, the further question will be, “what does fiqh look like if Muslims become a part of Mars’ initial colony? And how pray from an inter-planetary distance should be conducted? How to decide when Ramadhan came? and how fasting supposedly be done?” In this wonderous question, we have to admit that the geo-centric tone is challenging religion.

Semarak Literasi duniasantri

However, those questions may light up a contentious debate among clerics. Still, the point is not whether those questions are being responded to or not, nor those questions will trespass community norms. Instead, the fact is that those questions may test how far and deep the freedom of imagination is allowed in the Muslim community.

When we dare to dig down on it, we may:1. Just revitalize our mentality; 2. Just committed to the further probability that may came-up; 3. It just refreshed the whole perspective on how we should look at the status quo and the future.

Yet, initiating a mind-based adventure is not as easy as wondered. One of the classic resistance coming from the following quote, “do not ask many questions; you may look like a Jew if you do so,” said a famous proverb that originated from a haphazard Qur’anic verse modification. Sadly, the quote is adequately renowned among Muslims.

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