Me and My Pesantren (3): Insights from the Punishment

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As a student who has studied at Islamic boarding schools for about a decade, from the madrasah tsanawiyah level to university, I feel that there are a lot of santri values ​​taught by the boarding school. For example, discipline, or in Islam, is called istikamah.

The disciplines taught at the pesantren is, for example, getting students to pray in congregation fardhu at the beginning of time, the culture of queuing while bathing, performing ablution and cooking, following study hours at predetermined hours, getting used to throwing garbage in its place, asking permission from the administrator or caregiver. When leaving the cottage, speaking politely, participating in community service once a week, getting used to calling greetings when going in and out of the room, covering the genitals from head to toe when going out of the room, and much more.


It certainly has a positive impact on my current life, both in my personal life as a human being who can be responsible for myself, or in social life as a social human who maintains moral norms, and as a human learner who continuously learns and forges yourself with science and charity, to understand the deep philosophy of your own essence, so that you become insan kamil (whole human being).

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To instil discipline in the students, usually the boarding school administrator, on the recommendation of the caregiver, will apply sanctions for students who violate the rules of the boarding school. It aims to create a deterrent effect, which will make the students accustomed to living the habit of living in a disciplined manner.

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My father and mother often warn me to always obey all the cottage rules so that the knowledge I get will be blessed and useful because the caregivers or Nyai will usually be happy with students who rarely violate. Hence, the mother said, the teacher’s pleasure will produce knowledge blessed by the teacher and Allah.

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