Mahsa Amini: Lessons Learnt from Iran

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In Iran, the hijab has taken its toll. First, a woman named Mahsa Amini, then others.

Because Mahsa Amini is “incompetent” wearing the hijab, the eyes of the world are now focusing on the land of the mullahs. The story begins when on Tuesday, September 13, 2022; Mahsa was in Tehran, the capital of Iran. That day Mahsa was arrested by the Islamic Republic’s “morality” police, aka. “the Hijab Police”. The reason is that this beautiful young girl is considered “imperfect” to cover her head so that her beautiful hair is blown by the wind and disturbs the eyes of men.


That day she was immediately taken away by the moral police and thrown into custody. I don’t know what happened; Mahsa fainted there. She was then referred to a hospital for treatment. But unfortunately, Mahsa Amini’s life could not be saved, and three days later, she was declared dead.

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Surprisingly, the news of Mahsa Amini’s death immediately sparked massive demonstrations and riots in almost all of Iran. This is because many Iranians in various regions have left their homes to join protests to vent their anger. The outburst of anger, among others, was carried out by female demonstrators by removing their headscarves and setting them on fire. In fact, they also perform haircuts in public places.

It was as if the female demonstrators were about to say: the hijab and hair were the cause of Mahsa Amini’s death. And, what happened to Mahsa Amini could happen to them. But, everyone seemed to be waiting their turn.

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And sure enough. Mahsa Amini is not the only victim. Many people died in the wave of protests, both from the protesters and the authorities. This is because the officers responded to the wave of demonstrations with a strong attitude, triggering clashes between the two sides in various places. During the nearly two-week chaos, official Iranian government sources put 17 people dead. However, independent sources put the death toll at 36. Some even say 50!

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