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Earning Rewards by Writing a Story

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In the midst of the pandemic situation that does not yet appear to be ended like this, social life is increasingly restricted. Space is getting narrower. Learning forums that gather a lot of masses are even almost gone. It is true that before the existence of the pandemic our society had become very attached to cellphones, let alone at this time; it is getting more inseparable. Life and all these trinkets are as if folded in a few inches cell phone screen. This condition makes all things related to digital world become increasingly needed and even well-sell.

The one who gets the great fortune is the world of digital writing. The call to write for Islamic students echoed everywhere, so that this virtual world is filled with the friendly colors of Islam. As it is commonly known, the large number of writings that are displayed for free in “Mbah Google” warehouse often makes many people slip in understanding religion. This is because the writings presented were not written by people who are competent in their fields. The slip of understanding religion can also be affected by the existence of people who are deliberately creating turbidity in religion. In this realm, the participation of santri (Islamic students) as the keepers of religious knowledge becomes absolutely necessary. Hence, their work in written form is one of the most effective choices.


Writing is a work for eternity. Our name will be remembered for all time even though the age is not up to the fifties. Our voices can continue to be heard even though the mouth is tightly shut. The body can be imprisoned behind the bars, but the writing can continue to roam to speak up the truth. The writing can also be a Jariyah charity whose the reward will still be harvested even though the author is already in the realm of death. So, in writing there are many benefits.

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