duniasantri.co, Mainstreaming the Squirm of Santri’s Literacy

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Compared to other duniasantri’s contributors/authors, I may still be a new citizen. I became a citizen of it in April 2022. The first time I got to know the duniasantri.co website, I was told by a friend who happened to be writing recently. With the results of the mini-research, I finally concluded that this platform (duniasantri.co) is suitable for me to develop my writing competency.

I see duniasantri.co like a pearl among a collection of beach sand. Become a glimmer of light coming out of the cave (read: pitch black). Carrying out the concept of citizen journalism for the santri community is undoubtedly a breath of fresh air for the santri. Finally, the santri get a place to develop their talents, interests and ideas. Because it is undeniable, usually the ones who get a place to channel thoughts and ideas are academics, educated people who are legalized by the state.


There are various kinds of rubrics on the duniasantri.co web: Terrace, Opinion, Santri Way, Figure, Pondok, Short Story, Poetry, Humour, Library, Stars, and English Section. I called this a “complete package” menu like in restaurants. All menus can be tried according to the taste of the author. Through the writings made, students can show their existence which has been considered by some people as backward because they are not technology literate.

Even the huts (aka. Pondok Pesantren) previously located in untouched corners of the archipelago were finally recognised by the readers through the writings on the Pondok rubric. Then practice the critical, analytical thinking of the santri in the Opinion rubric. And when you have a funny experience, it can be written in a contemporary language style and then submitted to the Humor rubric.

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