The Sea is Called duniasantri

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I always love the sea. Love the distinctive aroma that is blown by the wind to the shore. Love the breadth, the inside of it, and the surrounding scenery. Likes were looking at the sails stuck on the boat’s shoulders. Love the caress of the wind. Likes to linger watching seagulls flying and chasing each other above it. In essence, everything related to the sea I like.

The sea has taught me a lot about everything. From the strong dipper, the firm anchor, the strong twilight, the forceful waves, the solid rock, the calm water, the cool wind, to the romantic seagull. In short, from the sea, I was gifted with the ability to spell God’s omnipotence.


The sea is called duniasantri. Yes, I called duniasantri the sea not without reason, like the sea that holds all kinds of objects, from boats, grass, fish, animals, garbage, to pearls. So, likewise, the duniasantri. He stood to accommodate the writings of the santri or pesantren alums to show the world that santri also have a world stage called the duniasantri.

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This is where more than a thousand santri from all over Indonesia hone their writing talents. Write anything. Starting from Opinion, Poetry, Short Stories, Libraries, Humor, Stars to others. The Opinion to pour out hidden thoughts and ideas. The Poetry voices the heart about the inner atmosphere and its surroundings through the beauty of diction. The Short stories capture the moment of the story that contains nobility and explore the meaning of the law of causality.

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While the library is to inform the public about a book’s content, advantages and disadvantages. The Humour to balance life, lighten the mood and laugh at yourself. The Star to inform the public regarding achievements and championships regarding santri to become a foothold in fastabiqul khairat. In addition, duniasantri has sections for Terrace, Figure, Pondok, Santri Way, and the English Section.

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