Fighting Islamic Extremism on Social Media

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In the last few weeks, Muslims in Indonesia have always been made noisy with intolerant events and narratives. First, for example, the blasphemy narration by an Ustaz, who says Islamic religious law is only a form of fooling from the yellow book. Then, there was the persecution of minorities: the Ahmadiyya Community in Sintang. After the persecution subsided, a one-sided narrative emerged from an Ustaz. They forbade a visit to Borobudur Temple since it considered that activity is to admit their belief. Then, like a tidal wave yesterday, when a viral video of students memorizing the Koran turned a deaf ear to music, the intolerant narrative that rose again caused a commotion.

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If we observe carefully, almost all of these intolerant narratives originate from extremist Islam. Then the intolerant narratives went viral on social media, which ended up being fried and used by some parties. Even worse, those who hold extremist views with an overwhelming enthusiasm for the obsession with “purifying the Shari’a” often injure the grace of togetherness and Islam itself.


In their mosques, in their group events, everything is judged unilaterally. Mainly if you don’t dwell on the stagnant fiqh trajectory: halal-haram. Their excuses would violate or not exist in the Qur’an and Sunnah, he said. They loudly voiced the jargon back to the holy Al-Quran and sunnah; however, the public perceives them as root causes of friction in the tension of religion, national, and state harmony.

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Moderate Islam Vs Extremist Islam

Islam brought and taught by Wali Songo today is an understanding of Islam that continues to be well maintained. Including moderate understanding taught by the Wali Songo. Wali Songo has guided how to practice Islam properly and respect anyone in our environment, even if they have different interpretations.

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